Ticonderoga Doodle Pencils 10pk

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Now you can personalize your pencil. Exclusive matte white surface allows you to write your name, a message or thought, or just have fun doodling! The exclusive graphite core features the proprietary Ticonderoga formula to deliver extra smooth performance. Premium wood is harvested from responsibly managed sources and provides smooth, even sharpening with minimal breakage. These pencils are pre-sharpened to save you time. Teachers prefer Ticonderoga® for its dependability and craftsmanship. When only the best will do, choose Ticonderoga® brand pencils. Each pack includes 10 pencils.

Key Features :

Helps students and teachers identify individual suppliesAssists teachers in following CDC guidelines for minimizing sharing of high touch objectsThe Doodle® can be disinfected as needed without smearing or removing marksExclusive #2 graphite formula provides extra smooth performancePMA certified non-toxic

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