One Bs Rollerball Pens Green Schneider

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Product #:ERSPSY183004
Rollerball with Ultra-Smooth tip for the best writing experience. Line width approximately 0.6 mm, waterproof according to ink standard ISO 14145-2. The innovative Super-Flow-System guarantees consistent ink flow from start to finish. The large ink reservoir has a level indicator and every drop of ink is used. The cap-off ink does not run dry even if the cap is removed for 2-3 days. The One Business has a sturdy metal clip and a rubberized grip zone that provides a secure hold for relaxed writing.

Key Features :

Rollerball pen with ultra-smooth tip for the best writing experienceLine width approximately 0.6 mmSuper flow system for even ink flowThe large ink supply can be checked from outside through viewing windowsCap-off ink, can be left open for 2-3 daysErgonomically rubberized surface, high quality metal clip

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