Eco-friendly Recycled Scissors 7in

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Maximize your cutting performance while minimizing your impact on the earth with the Advanced Eco-Friendly Scissors! Ergonomic handles are specifically contoured for comfortable right-handed use and are made of 70% recycled plastic material, making them the perfect way to show you are eco-friendly. The compact 7 inch blades are easier to manipulate and control then standard scissors, and razor-sharp edge makes quick work of all paper, cardboard, cardstock, fabric and more! Backed by a 10 year guarantee, the durable Stainless Steel construction will not rust or tarnish with age so you will always have a smooth and accurate scissor to get the job done.

Key Features :

Ergonomic, durable handles are made of 70% recycled materialHeavy-duty 7 Inch Stainless Steel blades are fully ground for a reliable, sharp edge every timeEasily cut through paper, cardboard, cardstock, fabric and moreErgonomically designed handles are contoured for right-handed useScissors feature a 10 Year Guarantee

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