(3 Pk) Pastel Job Highlighter Set 6pk Schneider

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Product #:ERSPSY115097-3
Highlighter with chisel tip for two line widths, 1+5 mm. The universal ink presents maximum brilliance and good lightfastness on normal, copying, and fax paper. The anti-evaporation polypropylene barrel is guaranteed to keep the highlighter fresh for 2 years. The smart highlighter features brilliant performance and was awarded the renowned iF and red dot design awards in 2013. The slimmer shape with rounded edges is perfect for sticking in one's pocket or pencil case. The cap has a clip and fits neatly on the end of the barrel. With its large ink reservoir, the Job pen can highlight over 15,000 words. Each pack includes 6 pieces: turquoise, mint, lavender, light pink, peach, vanilla. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 18 highlighters.

Key Features :

Highlighter with brilliant marking performance in trendy pastel colorsChisel tip for line widths 1 + 5 mmUniversal ink for plain, copy and fax paperHousing made of evaporation-proof PP for long shelf lifePractical clip cap

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