(2 Pk) Bistro Chlk Mrkrs 4 Brd Tip Brown Green Yellow Violet Per Pk

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Bistro Chalk Markers are the perfect every day chalk marker. These chalk markers work on chalkboards, dry erase boards, light boards, windows, windshields, and other non-porous surfaces so you can write or create art virtually anywhere. These markers come in 19 colors and are opaque, water-based, and pigmented. Clean up is super easy, they are erasable with a damp cloth. Each pack includes 4 markers with a 6 mm point tip: brown, green, yellow, and violet. Sold as 2 packs for a total of 8 markers.

Key Features :

Use Bistro Chalk Markers on chalkboards, light boards, windows and windshields.A wonderful way to create chalkboard art to attract attention and increase sales.They are opaque, water based, pigmented, erasable with a damp cloth.With quality in mind, all ingredients are from Japan for highest customer satisfaction as goal

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